Thursday, September 12, 2013

Battles Long Ago: Yalu River 1894

Over at GFT. Imperial Japan's first exercise in actual empire-building...
...steampunk battleships, Philo N. McGiffin, Asian rivalry, and dog-drowns-man stories.

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  1. Great post chief.

    The Japanese and Chinese still hate each other. They have been fighting ever since Baekgang back in the 5th century or maybe earlier. Hopefully they will swallow their rancor and not start an umpteenth war over the Pinnacle Islands (Senkaku or Diaoyu depending on your POB).

    I was wrong regarding the Chinese made movie about the Yalu battle on youtube. I think it did feature McGiffin. Wikipedia states he was a professor at the Chinese Naval College in Tientsin for nine years prior to the Battle of the Yalu.

    So that was probably him portrayed in the movie. The actor that portrayed him even looked like the photo of McGiffin posted on Wikipedia. But they neglected to show him at the actual battle. Hollywood should remake it to a new version with maybe Jack Black as Philo, and focusing a little more on his youth at the Naval Academy.