Saturday, June 4, 2011

Off to the Races

Unfortunately - and I think this a sign of the times - I am being unexpectedly distracted by work issues . . . collective bargaining and the sort. I have emerged as a possible center of power within our collective, or rather forming collective, which is currently hopelessly outmatched by management. I've played both sides over the course of my working life - more on the management side to be honest - so am pretty open minded, but what we are currently experiencing is something entirely new.

Honestly, I am bewildered by management's current stance; their attempts to use any trick to divide us. How many of you have experienced that before over the last say, 10 years?

Too many probably.

I had hoped to finish this thread and do a new one on Hew Strachan's article on the distinction between operations/operational art and strategy, bringing in Rupert Smith which would have been something new. Tom Ricks is way off the mark imo btw. Sadly due to these new commitments, I no longer have the time, unfortunately for all - especially me - I think.

So, I'm off to the races . . . It will be "fun" . . . Wish me luck . . .

See ya'll in August.


  1. Bon Voyage, Appetite, Chance, Union Thug!



  2. bb-

    "Union Thug"

    Well, that's what it comes down to. Funny how I'm not reading much now, have significantly cut down and have a hard time concentrating on that which I do read. Instead the emphasis is on speaking and listening, presenting an image/concept, and planning . . .

    Thanks, it'll be fun.

  3. Seydlitz,

    Hope you can quickly straighten out the problems on the job and get back to your studies. I admire the way you think and write.

    Podunk Paul

  4. One of the more toxic developments in industry over the past 40 years seydlitz, is the notion of the relationship between the owners/managers and the workers as a zero-sum game.

    I think a LOT of this has to do with a combination of Randian/libertarian orthodoxy (Unions, BAD! Evil! Must be destroyed!) with the fever to huck the most $$$ to the shareholders regardless of the long-term benefit to the company itself, the people who work there, or the public as a whole.

    But that does seem to be the new paradigm. Management seems to have no interest in "working things out" with you enlisted swine. You must be beaten into submission, and from there, perhaps you will be allowed to lick something, probably a boot, in order to keep your pathetic livelihood. We are all Wal-Mart now, it seems...

  5. Thanks all. Big day tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Our organization is far too timid. Instead it should be forward!!!

    But then I'm not a liberal . . .

  6. Sorry to hear that Seydlitz. I seem to recall you work for a university, is that correct? Best of luck with your efforts.

  7. No, one of the British Quangos.

    Pressure to go a different way, supposedly more "business friendly" although the actual mission of our organization is the promotion of "soft power" . . . I go back a long way with the Brits, all the way back to the bad ole days, but with some breaks.

    Legal changes of status which insure collective bargaining mechanisms which must be established within the new national entity. Half way through the first phase at present. So far so good . . .

    I've had one "lapse" . . . but really need to concentrate on the business at hand. :-|>

    Best wishes to all.