Monday, June 15, 2009

Self, introduction

As most of these creators have introduced themselves through introductory letters, I felt that I would be the odd man out if I did not follow suit.
I’m a scientist for a large pharma company that is in the process of being merged with another large pharma company. I work in the FACSlab which for those of you wondering, “what?” that would be Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting…mainly, I both conjugate fluorescent dyes to specific antibodies that attach themselves to specific proteins on the cell surface, then sort them using a Becton Dickenson Cell sorter called the ARIA,I, I used to use the BD VANTAGE/DIVA, but technology marches on.
Before my latest incarnation as a bench monkey, I worked as a Public Safety Assistant to the University Police department, which basically meant that I was eyes/ears/radio on the scene. Which was fine with me because by that time I had no intention of ever using a gun to kill anyone and would prefer not be put in the position of having to make that decision. Ever.
And before that yours truly worked as a courier for a Silicon Valley defense contractor whom will remain anonymous namely because we both will find that beneficial to our ignorance. Yours because it’ll make you cry, and me because I would rather limit my memory of that time…not that the job was bad, it wasn’t. Rather it was after the 1991 1st International Baghdad Air show I kind of lost the desire to be associated with that aspect of my past.
I switched majors from military history to Biology due to my change in work status, i.e. I was unemployed and to be perfectly honest, history majors are a dime a dozen. My history professor was sad to see the change, but he knew me well enough that when I contacted him a few years ago he said, “Of all my students, I knew you would be back.”
Hummph…some Professors…anyway, he was right, I’m back, and after much talking he convinced me that instead of taking a couple of mickey mouse courses for an undergrad degree that I should just go for the Masters program. So…I’m working on that. Unfortunately, the wife’s current employment pattern, coupled with my eldest now going to a four year college along with my youngest taking summer school college courses will mean that my activity in the program will be spotty at best for the next six years.

Thus, I’m brushing up on my German, middle latin, Greek…I guess I should learn more Hebrew…and always, always working on my writing.
I met this crew over at Intel Dump, and to be perfectly honest, I’m not sure why they put up with me. And to further the confession, I seem to have gotten more out of the relationship than they have, which in biological terms means that I view this as a mutually symbiotic relationship while most would correctly identify me as a parasite.

I try to live up to that standard…as low as it is.
Anyway, I’ll hopefully provide something worth while reading, or at the very least prove to you why I shouldn’t be allowed to outside, alone, unwatched, and with small furry animals that squeak when squeezed…you know, come to think of it…they all make that wonderful little noise when squeezed.



  1. A polymath! Sheerahkahn, you bring great compassion to any discussion. I so enjoyed the interaction at IntelDump as everyone's disposition became clear as the talk galloped on. I like authenticity, so that is the joy here -- free voices, unbridled by . . . propriety?

    Courteous, nonetheless. I would also enjoy it when someone became too, vicious, shall we say, and someone else invariably would jump in to mend fences. So, a proper sense of ego, but no ego threat is what I imagine we'll find here.

    Me -- I am fascinated by most of the sciences, hard and soft, and literature, too. Religion, as an artifact . . . I know we part here, but it is with the utmost of respect.

    Vive la difference!

  2. You are certainly a man of many talents, sheerah, and very welcome here. Grab a bar rag, there's a whole sink full of glasses to clean!

  3. sheesh, just a weekend and a couple of days, you guys been busy little beavers haven't you?


    Shameless self-promotion

    Greek and Latin? axios aner kai multus homo es tu.


  4. Hey all. Looks like you've started something good here and I've got ya bookmarked.

  5. Hey Basil,

    Saw your YouTube video. What really struck me about it was how green you guys are. We're down almost 5 inches of rain this year and even though its Spring everything has a slight yellowish cast to it around here unless its been heavily watered.

  6. Sheer-

    Welcome aboard. Looking forward to your participation.


  7. We're way above normal, Pluto. I don't know by how much, but we have had way more than we need. Kansas in June should be drying out and the wheat fields turning, which they are. Which means if the rain keeps up and there is more forecasted, the wheat will rot in the fields or get weedy, if not pounded by hail, which it was during that storm I put on youtube.

    So, I'll try to send some of this rain up your way, eh?

    I suppose you can tell my farming background? And on Sheer's intro, too! I'll be putting mine up in a couple of days, FDChief's let me in, poor kid!


  8. We'd appreciate your gift of rain, Basil, the corn around here needs all it can get right now.

    I'll be glad to read your intro when it appears. I'm not at all concerned about the Chief letting you in, I know from past experience that he can REALLY take care of himself.

    P.S. - I DID read your intro, Sheera, and enjoyed what I could understand. I spent about eight years in the Medical industry and so wasn't completely in the dark about your work, just mostly.

    P.P.S. - Does anybody else have troubles editing messages in the comments box? I can't use my arrow keys or the home or end keys. It isn't a showstopper but it is irritating when these keys work at every other blog site I post at.

  9. sheer-

    Nice introduction. Notice that I have YET to post mine.

  10. You know, Sheer, I wouldn't have had a clue as to what you posted about what you do were it not for certain family ties, namely, the child upon whom I dropped some serious large back in the 90s to learn what you learned. I've gotten enough over the years to the point where I can barely keep up with you scientists. If you speak very slowwwwwly, that is. Speaking of the daughter, after this introductory post of yours, I'm beginning to wonder just where it is you work.

    And still thinking of the Kevin Bacon seven degrees of separation deal, you and I were clearly neighbors for some time (even while we were doing the Intel Dump deal), and we may even have run into each other on the defense contractor front. I, too, was working for a Silicon Valley defense contractor at the time of the Gulf War.

    I have always really enjoyed your inputs, for just the very reason that I mentioned some time ago when we were discussing getting this thing going. I would find life extremely boring if I only ever interfaced with people like me or with those with backgrounds like mine. You do interesting things now and you've done interesting things in the past. Probably as a result of my case officer background, I find most people absolutely fascinating, with a guy like you, whom I seldom meet, as a poster child. Don't ever think you're somehow getting more out of this deal than I am. Ain't true, Pilgrim.

    Seems as if you've got a full plate right now, what with kid education issues (hope your wallet survives), spousal employment and your own self-actualization project. Let's hope you can keep all of those balls in the air. And I'll tell you, there will be times when you'll wonder just why you're doing it all. If it'll help any, take it from one who's already been through what you're doing and is now out to pasture: savor it all. The kids grow older. So do you and the spouse. You're at the peak time of your life right now. Enjoy the ride and keep us posted.

    BTW, I am having problems with getting this thing to recognize me. If this shows up as anonymous, just chalk it up to the technical illiteracy of one Publius.

  11. Sheerah: I am astounded that you have any time for eating and sleeping - you're a busy guy! Welcome, and thanks for the great intro.

    Pluto, Publius: Blogger is a tempermental pig, and I find that there are lots of things that should be simple that aren't. The Google Account thing is especially irritating, and I find that sometimes I have to re-post a comment twice to get it to recognize me. Nasty little bugger.