Friday, June 12, 2009

Reception Station

At ease, listen up.

You can call me the Fire Direction Chief - FDChief - and I'm temporarily in charge of this goat rope until things settle down a bit. For informational purposes only, I'm a 51-year-old husband and father, a professional geologist living in Portland, Oregon. Retired after 22 years of military service, I've been in the Regular Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard as a medic, medical sergeant, mortarman, drill sergeant, platoon sergeant, artillery fire direction computer and battery FDC chief - I retired as an E-7(P) and have always regretted not sticking around to make First Sergeant. But there you go - life is what happens when you're making other plans.

While I realize that y'all are new here, the first lesson of Life, including Military Life is: Ignorance Is Not An Excuse. This important lesson will take you far in the world if you remember the preceding rule, The Maximum Range of an Excuse is Zero Meters. Hopefully this place can inform and energize your brain housing group so you won't have to excuse why you were ignorant.I hope this will be the beginning of a lively place, a local taverna for us old sweats and the young bucks alike, to discuss whatever's on our minds. Many of us are ex- or current service types, and we tend to like to talk about military matters. But we have room for all; this is a Barroom of All Talents. Want to talk about your kids' graduation? Speak up. Health Care? We'll listen. Your prostate exam? OK, maybe not so much...

I hope to have some more friends and associates here soon to liven up the

So when I release you from this formation remain in the blog area and additional personnel should be along with more information for the good of the order.

Fall out.

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