Friday, June 19, 2009

On the Road

I expect not to be posting anything until late next week. The wife and I are off to Washington, D.C., (yes, the enemy camp) to hang out with the child, who's going to be there for a conference. My wonderful daughter informs me she is going to take me to the Washington Nationals-Toronto Blue Jays game on Sunday, which just happens to be Father's Day. This will give me an opportunity to see the worst team in baseball as well as the grand edifice that the local taxpayers were generous enough to provide for those poor, underpaid major league baseball players.

Yeah, that's me. But I've lost weight since that was taken in California a few years back. Haven't grown any hair, unfortunately. And, yeah, that's the beast I drive. A 1988 560SL, which unfortunately has a governor limiting the top speed to 155 mph. Don't even ask about the gas mileage. I don't care. I will be buried in this car.

It's always interesting to be in D.C. I haven't been there for a couple of years and I suspect I may get a post or two out of this trip. Time permitting, I'd like to look up a couple of old friends who are still working in the business. They always tell me the truth. Clearances? We don't need no stinking clearances. Actually, I've just recently learned I'm still cleared. What fools these mortals be. I'd also like to look up this CNAS outfit, as embodied by abu whatever, and ask them if they have any adult supervision (that's in response to a question from Seydlitz).

We are taking the wife's laptop, so I may make some comments if I think of it. You fathers, have a great day. As my oldest has it, every day is Mother's Day and kids' day. There is only one Father's Day. Unfortunately, it looks as if the U.S. Open won't be concluded until Monday. Damn Mother Nature.

Incidentally, did you all know that there are more collect calls on Father's Day than on any other day in the year?


  1. Nice photo, of you and the car.

    I'm from D.C. (though I haven't been back in years.) You should look up Andrew Exum (Abu M.). That'd be a good post, and as he's a friend of Phil Carter, you can claim a common ground.

    And I'm sure his CNAS would love the publicity.

  2. I don't think the CNAS crowd would appreciate me very much, Lisa. We don't have too many areas of agreement when it comes to current military operations.

  3. Happy Trails, pardner!

    I recently sold my 1989 Crown Victoria and bought my neigbor's 1996 Lincoln Town Car.

    Luxury and Success in life at last!

    See if you can grab some of our illustrious leaders and remind them who they work for.

    Constitutionally, at least.


  4. Nice to put a pseudonym with a face! Have fun in DC - you should get the opportunity to see a lot of it sitting in traffic.

    PS: Sweet ride!

  5. Publius,
    My mini cooper is governed at 138 and we've had it up to 130 just south of Ft. Benning. It gets 40 plus on the highway and it's too small to be buried in.
    I can't see your NRA decal on your windshield.
    Looking fwd to your posts on DC.

  6. Into the belly of the beast...

    And I remember once asking my pop why, since there was a mother's day and a father's day why there was no kid's day. He looked at me with his "old navy guy" look and replied: that's because EVERY day is kid's day.

  7. Ugly shorts!! Here is hoping that your child buys you a new outfit for Father's Day.

    Regarding the US Open, I for one am glad to see the elite play in weather that we here in the great Northwest see every other tee time.

    Am looking forward to your posts on our fair Capitol City.

  8. Publius-

    Enjoy your trip.

    DC, that takes me back. There used to be a Pizzaria Uno on M Street that served the best Chicago style pizza. And of course Matt Kane's on 13th Street, who could forget that place as a watering hole for generations of Marines? Downstairs was unimpressive, but if Matt had the upstairs open than you could enter his "little bit of Ireland" for a memorable experience. . .

    I'm sure you'll have a great time.

  9. A few tips from a person who has to go to DC on local government business too often, even if that is but once a year. My name is now all over earmark requests because of changing rules:

    If you pan to tour the Capital, arrange it through your Senator or Representative. One of his(her) staffers will guide you around rather than being part of a mob. The cafeterias in the office buildings are reasonable and have good food - the House ones are less formal.

    Same for a tour of the White House. You get a ticket and a much better tour, although it has been years since my family has done this.

    Generally, a congressman is only there Tuesday through Thursday, the other days they are at their home district. The staffers are there all week.

    Who knows? IRR may even be around!

  10. Damn!

    A problem with multiple posters is that one can't tell who posted until the end of the post. When I first looked at this, it had the look and feel of something from FD Chief. It was only after I responded that I realized that it was Publius that originated the post.

    My error. Publius knows all about DC.

  11. Nice car Publius.
    I would not have thought you to be a Mercede's man, though. I would've pegged you as a Jag man, myself.
    I personally don't like DC, period.
    In fact, there is little to comment on the East Coast at all...well, Williamsburg, I like that area, and of course I remember doing day trips to the museums...oh yeah, Jamestown, my G-d, I love Jamestown. That has always been my favorite little fort to go to when I was a kid.
    Ah well, yeah...long time ago...hmm, it seems I'm wandering away from my initial point.../sigh...seems to happen a lot lately.
    Enjoy your trip.

  12. I betcha Publius is really gone looking for that wandering governor Sanford.

    That story is so weird. Not worth a posting here, I'm afraid.


  13. Ugly shorts? C'mon, Mike. I rather like those shorts, even as they're wearing out. And I hate to tell you, but it was the kid that gave me those shorts. I'm trying to talk her into getting me some more. They're cargo shorts, you know. So you can carry all your chit.

    I am now back in the state that's still, as of 7:00PM EST, governed by Mark Sanford, AKA Mr. Bizarro, and am working on a post about our adventures in D.C. I did not post from the road for reasons I will explain in the post.

    Seydlitz, I remember Kane's and a lot of other good bars, but I am now old and I rarely bar hop anymore. Especially when I'm with witnesses who are related to me.

    Ranger, I never figured you for something as sensible as a Mini Cooper, which is a truly neat car. You're a better man than me. And I do not need an NRA sticker, thank you. I have never belonged. I don't need permission or organization.

  14. Publius,
    I do apologize about the NRA cmt. I thought in my senile manner that you once mentioned you are a member. I will not belong to the NRA either since they are so simpleminded- it took more than God/guns/guts to make Amurica great, past tense used.
    Lisa also drives a Cooper S, mine is a Clubsman since I'm seriously considering joining a Country Club, but I'll probably need to buy cargo shorts as an entrance requirement.!