Saturday, June 13, 2009

Reporting for Duty!

Reporting in as second on board, I'm known as Aviator47, a retired Army Aviator that spent almost half my flying years in the Chinook - hence the "47". Did 6 years in the Corps, to include a reserve stint while getting college under my belt, then 29 in the Army, again including a reserve stint in the middle while I went to grad school. Served from the time of "Ike" through Bill Clinton. Have enlisted, NCO, Warrant Officer and Commissioned Officer service. Just couldn't make up my mind. Retired as an LTC(P) to take care of aging parents. No regrets over turning down the "Eagles", as my goal upon entering flight school was to make CW-4, and in terms of pay grade (but perhaps not prestige) I beat that. To be frank, seeing my name on the promotion list to COL was quite a surprise, as I thought I was overage in grade!

My 34 years, 11 months and 18 days of military service is the third longest thing (other than breathing) I have ever stuck to. Second longest was boating (45 years), and longest is riding Vespa motorscooters (approaching 51 years), which we still do. The wife and I are enjoying life in a sleepy village of some 80 delightful souls on a Greek Island, and look forward to many more years of it.

Looking forward to discussing the world as it appears to each of us and enjoying camaraderie.



  1. Looking good already, guys!

  2. Welcome, Al.

    To push the metaphor, I turned on the lights and took down the tables, but I hope you'll make free of the place in whatever way you see fit. You want to rearrange the furniture - add to the blogroll, rename things, add a gadget or three? It's your joint, too.

    Hopefully, we'll have a couple of other regulars joining us behind the bar here soon.