Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lift and Shift

I'd like to direct you to a new post, and a new author, here at the MiPub.First, those of us who were regulars at the old Intel Dump will remember the gentleman who signed himself "seydlitz89".

A teacher, and student, of military strategy his incisive deconstruction of the sort of tactical-myopic "war is for the warriors" comments you'd often find there were the stuff of legend. I won't talk the man up further except to draw your attention to his first post at the MilPub, one he started several days ago and which might have been lost downpage a bit.

But his introductory post - which includes a nice precis on classic strategic thinking and how we here could approach applying it to the current conflicts in southwest Asia - shouldn't be missed


  1. Thanks FDChief-

    I guess we ought not leave them in the oven too long . . . ?

  2. mmmm, fresh-baked strategic strudel, hot from the oven.