Thursday, July 30, 2009

You say you want a revolution... might start with the geniuses currently in charge of our foreign policy.

Mike Gordon of the New York Times reviews a memo written by the O-6 currently responsible for what in former times would have been called "Military Assistance Command, Baghdad". In this document, the colonel says that "...the Iraqi forces suffer from deeply entrenched deficiencies (including corruption, poor management and the inability to resist political pressure from Shiite political parties) but are now capable of protecting the Iraqi government, and that it is time “for the U.S. to declare victory and go home."

The author of the memo, one COL Reese, goes on to reveal some shocking Secret Truths About Iraq: that the Iraqis don't like having a bunch of heavily armed foreigners wallying about their country, that they are increasingly cool towards us and show a stunning willingness to catch-and-release their countrymen who are guilty of doing nothing more than attacking the American occupiers.Of course, the PAO for the Desert Bull, LTG Ray Odierno, CIC of the No-Longer-Multinational-Force-Iraq, says that
“The e-mail reflects one person’s personal view at the time we were first implementing the Security Agreement post-30 June. It does not reflect the official views of U.S. Forces in Iraq. Since that time many of the initial issues have been resolved and our partnerships with Iraqi Security Forces and G.O.I. partners now are even stronger than before 30 June.”
Suuuuure they are.

What was it Kipling said about the fool who tried to hustle the East?

Update 7/31: Here's an example of the crack Iraqi forces, in this case, taking down the MEK camp at "Camp Ashraf".Jesus wept!

I sure to hell wish I hadn't been on sick call that day we got the frigging "Death Race 2000" bloc of instruction on how to handle civilian rebels. What are these gomers, nuts? Good job, MAC-I. You've trained these goobers to the peak of...WTF???


  1. /facepalm

    How is it we haven't collapsed yet from our own hubris?

    Screw it.
    I'm outraged fatigued right now.

  2. Darn, I coulda added the KeyStone Cops to my war movie list!



  3. So is the rest of the country, Sheer. Fabius Maximus is screaming about more Goldman Sachs shenanigans and nobody seems to be able to care.

    We'd rather watch the president have a beer.

  4. Pluto: I think the point behind the combat fatigue on economic issues is that We the People sense that there's no there there for us. Hardly anyone is in "our" corner. How do you fight these bastards with even your supposed elected champions have been bought and sold..?