Thursday, July 23, 2009

There are some things that go beyond the pale

Since TPM has found the douchebag who released the pic I figure I might as well address it, too.
I'm deeply offended by this picture.
I seriously questioned myself about this, but I thought, "you know, this has to be addressed because this is so unfuckingbelievable that such blatant racism is pouring out of the Republican party's machine."
So, we had this debate, and finally, Scot, my coworker dropped the bomb...and what a beautiful bomb it here, with his permission...I post for your enjoyment...
"It's interesting that we trust the government with guns, tanks, fighter jets, stealth bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and nuclear weapons but we don't trust them to run healthcare better than a bunch of corporations who have a profit motive in denying your healthcare benefits.
The oft-repeated refrain "you don't want a bunch of government bureaucrats making decisions about your healthcare coverage, do you?" seems to leave out the current reality that we have a bunch of bureaucrats working for FOR-PROFIT healthcare companies doing that already.
As Charles P. Pierce has pointed out:
"1) Any theory is valid if it moves units,
2) anything can be true if someone says it loudly enough,
3) fact is that which enough people believe; truth is measured by how fervently they believe it."
My how the Republican idiot squawk box is effective.
I suppose using a blatantly racist image juxtaposed with a hammer and sickle is good proof of that.
Besides, isn't socialized medical care better than none at all?
If we think of Medicare as a model of an OPTIONAL government run program, consider these survey results:
22 percent of the privately insured people found that their plan did not pay for care that they thought was covered, compared to 9 percent of elderly Medicare beneficiaries
9 percent of the privately insured people had difficulty getting a referral to a specialist, compared to 2 percent of elderly Medicare beneficiaries
Medicare beneficiaries were one-third as likely to report access problems such as not visiting a doctor when needed, not getting recommended specialist care, skipping recommended test or follow-up as those covered by employer plans.
Medicare beneficiaries were twice as likely to be very confident in their ability to get care in the future as those covered by employer plans.
33 percent of privately insured people were unable to pay their bills or had been contacted by a collection agency, compared to 18 percent of elderly Medicare beneficiaries.

Yeah, it would really suck to have the government make healthcare more affordable, more reliable and more accountable to consumers.
I can see why people are so mad at Obama.



  1. I saw this at TPM earlier this AM as well, S.

    The moral quality of those ably delineated in Chief's "canary" post is as obvious as anyone's nose on anyone's face.

    Remember this?

    There are others that don't come to mind right now.

    This set up doesn't have a "bump" process that one can use on message boards, but I don't want to put it here. Please everyone, check out my post a couple spots down in Lisa's piece to catch one of our own in the NYT.


  2. As a friend oft stated:

    Science has been able to measure the height of man's intelligence, but nothing can plumb the depth of his stupidity.

    Sadly, there are many who find this kind of trash humorous and even "appropriate".


  3. This is startlingly inappropriate. The right wing wingnuts have always made a game of being "edgy" in their sense of humor. Cutting but normally not completely beyond reason (with some memorable exceptions, of course).

    This is so far over the top it makes the most inappropriate Monica Lewinski jokes seem mild by comparison. There's no way you can look at the picture without responding.

    Considering all of the above, it's essentially a declaration of war on the Obama administration by the 26 percenters. Either you think its funny (and in my eyes, damn your soul to hell forever) or you start looking for some snarky idiot who likes it so you can feed him a knuckle sandwich.

    I think they've overplayed their hand again and are about to get spanked for it. Obama isn't John Kerry and he'll respond in a clever way to it that just might get national health insurance passed.

    Wonder what Rush is going to say about this? This is too big to ignore and if he comes out in favor of it he's going to alienate everybody outside of the hard-core Republican party (hard to win elections on 26 percent of the vote) but if he refutes it he's going to alienate the only group that still supports the Republicans.

  4. FDChief,
    Scott is a wise man. Great comment.BTW I don't trust the government with a butterknife let alone wmd.

  5. This is the doc who emailed the picture:

    {quote}Doctors of America,

    Your profession is facing a certain death and only you can stop it – with your patients at your side. Congress and Obama are proposing to turn doctors into servants of the state, insurance companies, hospitals, and everyone except who matters most: the patient. We will be turned into bean counters, computer entry clerks, dutiful “providers” and will not resemble anything like a “professional”{end quote}

    This is not an "outing"; he is very active politically, as his letter reveals.

    And S. & TPM did not post the whole picture.


  6. Meant to add this, too. Jon Stewart rocks!


    The "Birthers".

    It's true. Most trusted in news.

    tiny version

    Truly Amazing!


  7. The Pro Human Pain and Suffering Chicken Hawk Bigoted Republican Party of Military Deferments see continued racist, homophobic propaganda as a winning strategy for them.