Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Being Frank with the dining room table

This is the only way to respond to these idiots. They aren't there to have a "conversation" any more than the KKK wanted to discuss the social implications of integration with African Americans in 1960.


  1. Ordering pizza as a metaphor for trying to discuss health care reform with Republicans:

    Rachel Maddow, on her show and Meet the Press last Sunday, regularly reports on crap like BF faced down appropiately:

    Idiots like BF faced are not the problem. It's the corrupt Republican Party, and corrupt Democrats ( looking at Conrad and Baucus ) and their media supporters, Fox ( no surprise there ) and our worse than useless media who utter things like this:

    More from driftie:


  2. What Rep Frank did is what more politicians should do, and that is call a spade a spade. "Be Prepared" is the Boy Scouts' Marching Song, and our elected officials need to be prepared to confront mindless buzzword statements with well developed responses. When a constituent uses words like "Nazi", rather than well reasoned analysis, to shout down their elected official, I, for one, waive any need for civility in the response of the elected official. I am not proposing a shouting match, just an arsenal of selected responses for these, as Barney called her, "Dining room tables".

    This response by Rep Frank, while not as elegant as this (, it was surely a move in a better direction.


  3. Good for Barney Frank. Al's right: we need lots more of him, and, unfortunately, lots less of our conciliatory president. But Frank's also right: Talking to a lot of these people IS like talking to the dining room table.

    I think we've always had lot of stupid people in this country. The difference now is that today's stupid people are proud of it.